Thursday, June 28, 2007

Little Fabulous Vintage Coffee Mugs

I have had my eye out on ebay for vintage mugs from Japan. I was having such a heck of a time finding them. One day I went over to my mom's house to sew, she was showing me how to use her serger, and we decided to make coffee. She has the best coffee she gets from Salado. So, I ground it up and brewed it. She said we should drink out of fun mugs and got the most fabulous mugs out of her very top cabinet. I absolutely had a fit over them because they are the exact same mugs I have been searching for on ebay!! Look at the wonderful colors and design. Those little birdies are the absolute best! These mugs are perfect for my 1950's kitchen. I am sooo excited.

I could not believe it. My mom being the fantastic mom she is gave them to me because she said she never used them. She got them in a little antique store in Mountain View when she last visited my sister in Arkansas.

So since I now was in possession of these terribly coveted mugs, I searched and searched and searched on ebay until I found some more. Honestly they were not nearly as cute as the ones my mom had, but they would go great with the collection so....I bid on them and of course won because no one else was interested. It was great because they came with a fantastic vintage mug holder.

Although, I soon realized the fantastic mug holder was not so fantastic. I just barely tapped it and tragedy struck........

My beautiful mugs...broken and chipped. least they were not the fantastic mugs with the beautiful bird design!

Well that is all folks! I just had to share these wonderful vintage Japanese mugs with you!


Happy Anniversary

This past Tuesday, on the 26th, was our 8 year anniversary. I find it so hard to believe that it has been 8 years. The time really does soar by. What was I doing 8 years ago? My goodness, I was so young, just a mere 20 years old. I was still in school at UNT studying physical therapy...since I am now a social worker...that really was a long time ago! I knew Jeff for a few weeks before we decided to make it official. He came into Coffee Haus where I worked with his cousin and I like to say that he sought me out. Well, he did really :-). He got my number and pursued me while I played hard to get. He won't admit that though, hehehe.

Well anyhoo, on Tuesday our anniversary started off with Jeff getting me the most beautiful flower arrangement...and they were not roses, good job Jeff! Don't get me wrong I love roses but they are not my favorite flower. My absolute favorite flowers are gerber daisy's...and well...I love comos too. The arrangement he got me consisted of lily's and daisy's (I actually had a hamster named Daisy when I was 4 but now that I think of it, I probably named her after Daisy Duke). The vase the flowers came in is really pretty. He also got a bottle of Pinot Noir and a nice card.

After I got off work we had a few glasses of wine and headed to Piranha's Killer Sushi. It was wonderful. I went there for the first time with friends this past Saturday, you can read about it here if you fancy. I am not a big sushi eater but this stuff was fantastic! Jeff loves sushi so we made reservations for Tuesday night.

I ordered the veggie roll and Jeff order the crab and eel rolls. Delicious!
I also had a naughty asian martini and helped Jeff finish off his saki. We had banana spring rolls with red bean and green tea ice cream for dessert which was to die for. I would have taken a picture of it but Jeff was getting really embarrassed that I was taking pictures.
I was, however, lucky enough to get this picture of us...but you can see the embarrassment on his face, hehehe. The people next to us brought their children and the kids kept breaking stuff, at least we were not being that embarrassing!

All in all, it was a really fun night and I want to go back and have more sushi. Is it possible to be addicted to it? Although, for me I think it is largely due to the atmosphere there. I have had sushi at other places and have not liked it very much. This place feels like you are sitting in Manhattan or San Francisco, not little ol' Fort Worth Texas! Hmmm...I wonder what we will do next year.

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