Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy Things

Letters in the mail from Violet. 


Sweet Gifts

I know I have not been consistent in my blogging lately but, I have been working on a rather large project! Once I am done, I will reveal!  I have been missing blogging and actually had a moment to sit down and get caught up. Me blogging during the weekday? What gives? Well, I woke up this morning the sound of running water between my kitchen and bathroom wall and a very large puddle of water taking over my bathroom floor. Fortunately, I got to it before it made its way to the hardwood floor in the hall. So, I called my friendly local plumber who we have become rather close to over the years (hence friend flushing her keys down my toilet a few years back). Now, here I wait for them to rescue me which means a little blogging time!

My sister, BIL, and niece recently visited for the holidays. We had a great time. They are very thoughtful in their gift giving and handmade practically everything this year! I am not certain where they find the time!  

During their visit I discovered how great Violet is at embroidery. She is quick and consistent! My sister made this adorable pot holder and Violet did the embroidery. She is just 7 years old! 

My sister has some great antique stores where she lives so she picked out a few vintage planters for me.

They also made Lemoncello from you can tell it is yummy!

This raspberry chipotle sauce is wonderful! I put some on cream cheese and served it with crackers, it has a nice kick! I may use the rest as a marinade for chicken one night. 

Even though things were different this holiday after the passing of my Grandfather and Uncle, it was still a very nice and quiet holiday season. I was able to have a few days off and relax with my family. 

On one of my days off us girls went to the Benbrook Antique Mall. It is a great place to find sweet things! I could have stayed in there for hours. But, we were on a time limit so that kept us in line. 

I found these cute fairy lamps and also a candy dish to put some of my jewelry in.

I also came across this adorable planter! 

When it warms up a bit I am going to put a succulent in it and stick it on my front porch. 

Well, the plumber just called and he is on his way. This should be interesting! 


Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Fondue

Fondue, how I love thee. So, why not have a New Year Fondue Party? My sister and BIL are in town visiting along with my sweet little niece Violet. Violet went to stay with Mimi and Granddaddy so the "adults" had our own little New Year fun.

Cheese fondue is the best! 

BIL made venison to dip in the cheese

We also had chocolate fondue of course! 

Happy New Year everyone! 2012 will be a good year, I can just feel it! 

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