Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday In Santa Fe

Our last day in Santa Fe, so bittersweet. I know I need to go home and resume my reality but I just don't want to leave. I love the air, mountains, peacefulness, and the sense of spirit here in NM. Santa Fe has the ability to be very healing and my family has been through so much these past few months. While there are still some wounds that are going to take much time to heal, I think being here may have helped just a little.

We ended our trip well by going to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. Now this is a lady who knew how to live life.

Photo courtesy of Art Marketing Secrets

I think I can learn alot from her. Her story is amazing and I love her artwork. She was very talented in so many different ways. She even loved cooking! So, of course I had to get "A Painter's Kitchen" and I can't wait to start cooking from it.  There is something about her that is just like NM; peaceful and spiritual.

After the museum we had lunch at The Cowgirl.

I had a pulled pork BBQ sandwich that was featured on the Food Network.

My sister had the best frito pie ever!

And then there was dessert! Yum! Lots and lots of chocolate.

After that I went back to the Casita and took the best nap ever!

Cheers to Santa Fe!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Thursday In Santa Fe

Today we were a bit lazy in the morning. We started things off with lunch at Dish n' Spoon Cafe

I think this has been my most favorite part of the trip. The owners of the cafe were so sweet and welcoming and the food was amazing! This is a lovely little cafe off of the plaza area in a historic adobe building. The lady owner told us the story of the building and how it was a grocery storefront owned by Vivian Griego.

The original deli case is still in the cafe which gives it  tons of vintage charm and they have it decorated very sweet!  We will defiantly be going back!

I had Chicken Cranberry Salad on a bed of lettuce.

 My sister had Curry Chicken Salad on a bed of lettuce

My mom had a delicious salad, the Yum Yum Lunch Salad.

My cousin had the best Chicken Pot Pie ever and I did not take a picture of it. It was devoured! Oh my, this was so delicious. It was so light and fluffy, yum!

You can really tell they use all organic materials. The food speaks for itself. You must go there if you ever find yourself in Santa Fe, you won't be sorry!

After lunch we did a bit more shopping. I found myself mesmerized with Oleaceae. The store is full of stainless steel vats of infused vinegars and olive oils. You can taste every single one before purchasing! I picked up peach infused vinegar to make toss salads. I am even going to put a few drops in my water for a refreshing treat. I also got jalapeno olive oil. The people that were working the store were so very helpful and knowledgeable. I think they could have sold me one of everything in the place!

Then, after shopping, my mom and I stopped by the La Fonda for Sangria!


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday In Santa Fe

Today we ventured off to Madrid, NM. It is an old coal mining town. I reminded me a lot of our trips to Crested Butte as a child. This was an artsy and funky town. I knew it would be neat when I stepped out of the car, saw an awesome little coffee shop, heard a Kings of Leon song playing in the distance, and saw a man riding on a unicycle down the  middle of the street. A picture I wish I could have captured. Our first stop w as the best little thrift store in town, Redbone. They had so many wonderful things.

There were many a vintage boot to choose from.

Then we stumbled upon Java Junction. This store suited all my needs iced coffee and shopping. I purchased a cute little funky people red maxi dress from this fantastic little coffee shop.

After shopping we built up an appetite and stopped at The Hollar for lunch.

Fried pickles after a long morning of shopping is very necessary.

I had a goat cheese salad. OMG, the goat cheese was fantastic. It was crispy, warm, and delicious!

We stopped in a few more shops but I loved this one. The lady working was so sweet. She said they had been open for only 2 weeks and their grand opening is this Saturday. She and a few of her friends opened the place. It is a screen printing shop. They have screen printed tote bags for only 7 bucks!

So, here is my screen printed tote bag which I love and find very clever and also a cute little owl purse I found while out shopping.

After a long day we came back to the casita and I did a bit more spinning. There is nothing like spinning in NM! It was meant to be. :-)


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday In Santa Fe

This morning we got up early and went to the Santa Fe Farmers Market

There was a lady that was selling her hand dyed and handspun yarn. It was beautiful and very inspiring. Even this little guy liked her stuff! 

There were tons of fresh greens to choose from.

My favorite is the Intergalactic Bread Company.  She has the most wonderful breads.

I picked up green Chile cheese, apple elderberry, and pumpkin pinon. When we got back to the casita they were eaten up in minutes!

Here is all our loot from the market.

My parents too my cousin to the museum and my sister, niece and I stayed back home. We jammed out to some Gypsy Kings while my sister made brunch. 

She made Quiche with the jalapeno pepper from my garden.

A fantastic salad with a cucumber from my garden, some steamed veggies and whole wheat bread!

Later I spun some yarn that I had been working on at home while the girls watched. I gave them a mini lesson but hope to give them a really good lesson this week! They seem really interested and that excites me!

Of course I had to get a picture of my spinning briefcase.

We also went to the Jackalope for bit of shopping. They have Prairie Dogs there. They are really cute!

Then to Gabriel's for dinner we went! The best ever Guacamole. They make it for you right at your table.

I had black bean enchiladas. Yum!


Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday In Santa Fe

Another beautiful day in Santa Fe.  We took it easy this morning which was really nice. My dad and I went for a little hike and when we came back to the casita my sister made banana/granola and blueberry pancakes along with fruit salad and a bird in a nest! Hiking in this altitude is tough so we were hungry when we got back!

Then for a bit more relaxing and hanging out be fore we took off for the day. My poor little V is sick. We had to pick up meds for her and I hope that she will be good as new soon so she can enjoy SF with us.

Mimi stayed back with V and the rest of us had lunch at Upper Crust Pizza. My sister and I shared the whole wheat sunny chicken pesto pizza. Fantastic! The pizza is great. You can't get a whole wheat pizza back home that I am aware of unless you make it yourself. This was dang good! Thank you Upper Crust! We sat on the patio. The weather was great and there was a nice breeze. The people that worked there were great too.

A shot of the nice little area we ate in. Great views all around.

After pizza we went shopping of course. My younger cousin Phoebe got a cute little purse she had her eye on yesterday and also picked up a few buttons to put on it from Santa Fe Hemp. She is 11 so I am sure she found the store very interesting. But, I love this store and my sister did too so I am glad about that! I could not resist this necklace.

I love owls and this necklace is so very charming. 

We also went to Todos Santos! The best chocolates and confections in Santa Fe if you ask me plus it has a Dia de los Muertos theme. I mean, you can't possibly beat that! The people the work there are consistent, the same people that have been working there since I started going several years back, and they are friendly so that is an added bonus.  As usual I had to purchase a "box of chocolates" and a few little extras. I also had to get a little something special for V since she has been sick.

We also stopped by Miriam's Well. I love this store and go here mainly for woolies to spin.Miriam is a very eccentric and lovely lady that owns the place.

Unfortunately, she was on vacation. I guess we can let this one slide since everyone deserves a vacation. The very nice lady holding down the fort said that Miriam will be back on Wednesday so my sister and I will go back. I think Thursday will be the day we go to La Boca as well. That will be a good day! I wish we had a place like La Boca where I am from.

Well, geeze, back to what is most important...the woolies!

I picked up 100% Targhee and a Merino pencil roving. Pencil roving is so easy to spin with. For me, there is no predafting required and is it very simple for me to spin a thin and consistent yarn. There is something about Santa Fe that makes me feel even more creative and makes me want to create even more than when I am at home. It must be the calm spirit of Santa Fe. I could just knit and spin all day in Santa Fe. So, that is what I have been doing, the knitting part anyway. But, as usual, I brought the old reliable wheel too so I am going to spin some too while I am here. I have been working on knitting a hat for my uncle. I really have never knit a hat before so we will see how it turns out. I figure if I can knit socks I can knit a hat!

Oh, Santa Fe, if it were not for my hubby staying back home while I am here I may never leave!

Cheers to another great day in Santa Fe!

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