Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday In Santa Fe

Our last day in Santa Fe, so bittersweet. I know I need to go home and resume my reality but I just don't want to leave. I love the air, mountains, peacefulness, and the sense of spirit here in NM. Santa Fe has the ability to be very healing and my family has been through so much these past few months. While there are still some wounds that are going to take much time to heal, I think being here may have helped just a little.

We ended our trip well by going to the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum. Now this is a lady who knew how to live life.

Photo courtesy of Art Marketing Secrets

I think I can learn alot from her. Her story is amazing and I love her artwork. She was very talented in so many different ways. She even loved cooking! So, of course I had to get "A Painter's Kitchen" and I can't wait to start cooking from it.  There is something about her that is just like NM; peaceful and spiritual.

After the museum we had lunch at The Cowgirl.

I had a pulled pork BBQ sandwich that was featured on the Food Network.

My sister had the best frito pie ever!

And then there was dessert! Yum! Lots and lots of chocolate.

After that I went back to the Casita and took the best nap ever!

Cheers to Santa Fe!

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Little Wren said...

Looks and sounds like you've had a wonderful trip. I'm so glad you've had some time to heal a little and reflect and just be at peace. Where would we be without a few moments like this in our lives? :)

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