Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

For Valentine's Day gifts this year I wanted to do some thing fun. Mr. Lucas loves popcorn and making creative seasonings for it. He "claims" he cannot cook so I find the fact that he perfectly seasons his popcorn every time rather curious. When I came across this idea from Elsie I just had to do it! Something simple and delicious!

I put it all together with some cute spark-lie red yarn but completely forgot to take a picture. So, here it is unwrapped. I made the Chile lime salt, yum! It is perfect for popcorn! Throwback popcorn boxes are fun to eat your popcorn from too! 


Sunday, February 12, 2012

February Birthday Fun!

February is jam packed with birthdays in my family. We celebrate 5 birthdays and then you have to toss Valentine's day in there. So, this weekend, all the February girls were in town so we celebrated! We started things off on Saturday with going to the Vineyards Antique Mall. I love antique malls and could have spent months in this place. Violet stayed with my mom most the time so my sister and I had the opportunity to find pretty things and goof off at the same time. Here are a few of the "interesting" items that we came across.

 Now, this is an interesting Valentine. But, I guess given the time period??

How is this Antique? Ha! If you look close, her thighs are a bit sharp!

 Hilarious idea for a tackle box.

 I found the coolest little stainless steel trays that I could not live without.

They have wooden handles, I love them ! 

I also found 2 vintage velvet hot pink cushions perfect for my lime green front porch chairs. It was meant to be! 

We ate lunch in the tea room located in the Mall, Coco's Tea Room. It was delicious. To top things off we had cherry cupcakes! 

My sister made me a camera strap cover for my camera. I have been wanting to make one of these for a while and not I don't have to! The bonus, it is made with Anna Maria Horner fabric! Love her.

On Sunday we went to my cousin Phoebe's birthday party. My Aunt had a great idea to have a photo booth room. It was tons of fun and we took tons of pictures! Here are just a few for a peek.

Yep, this one is a bit freakish. But HILARIOUS. 

Cheers and happy birthday to my February birthday girls!!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Saturday Fun!

What a fun day today! It started out with me getting my hair cut. I have been going to Esoterica for some time now. Ale cuts my hair and has since before the salon opened. I fondly remember him dying my hair red in his dad's living room. It's always nice to go in there and see how well he has doing and how far he has come. He is really amazing! The staff and stylists are also friendly and welcoming. So, if you are ever in the F-Dub, hit up Esoterica! It is one of a kind!

I had Mr. Lucas go with me to get my hair did so we could go over to the Fort Worth Food Park for lunch after. It is just right around the corner. Finally, the ol' F-Dub is finally following in Austin's footsteps with a food park! My favorite part of going to Austin is all the unique food and the Food Trucks they have there. 

We had a great time. There were several trucks and it was hard to choose what to eat! 

We are carnivores but I love vegetarian /vegan food, however...Mr. Lucas prefers otherwise. So, we hit up the Rollin' Diner and Grill

Jeff had the Philly Cheese Steak and we shared a Hatch Chile Slider. Those who know me know I can't pass up anything with Chile, especially Hatch

I confess, I love bacon. I also love goat cheese. So, It was kind of hard to resist the Cheesy from the Bacon Wagon.  It was insanely delicious. Oh, man. 

It was so much fun and the food was delicious. We will be back!

After we stuffed ourselves we went to Avoca for coffee. They individually brew each cup so it is nice and fresh when you drink it. 

 I had the Rwanda drip coffee, it was really good! It was nice to sit and enjoy a warm cup of coffee on a chilly day. Finally our weather is getting a little chilly. Hard to believe it is winter around here. I love winter and I feel cheated so far! Happy weekend everyone!


Friday, February 3, 2012

In The Moment

Happy birds on a wire.

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