Sunday, May 18, 2008

Annual Herb Fest, My Favorite Fabric Store, and Stephen Marley

Yesterday was the annual Botanic Gardens Herb Festival If you click on the herb festival link you can see my sister and I in the photo on their website! We are on the right hand side of the picture checking out the herbs. I buy herbs from that booth every year. They have lovely herbs. I also love to stop by "Our Thyme Garden". I have been going to the Herb Fest with my mom for several years and "Our Thyme Garden" is always our first stop. They have wonderful herbs. They also sell other things including the most fantastic herb oil. They also sell delicious lemon herb tea bread. Last year my sister and nice went and it was so much fun. Unfortunately, they had car problems on the way here from Arkansas and were a little delayed so they were not able to make it.

After the herb fest my mom and I went to have lunch at Blue Bonnet Bakery. I had their famous chicken salad and it was so tasty!

After that we went to the Cabbage Rose, my favorite fabric store! It is hard to go in there and not purchase anything. Fabric can certainly be an addiction.
A little sneak peak at some of my new purchases. I have many ideas on what to make with the fabric! I am going to Santa Fe in a few weeks so, when I return, I am going to get to work and start sewing up a storm. My Etsy needs a little boost as I am ashamed to say, I have been a bit neglectful.

To top the night off, some friends and I went to see Stephen Marley at House of Blues in Dallas. It was a fantastic show. I finally got smart after all of these years of concert going and brought my camera. I got some great shots and even took a little video footage. I have seen him in concert before. He has this guy that waves a flag the entire time but this year he also brought out a child that appeared to be his, not too sure about that though. This had to have been the cutest kid I have ever seen, well...aside from my niece Violet. He was waiving that flag like a champ but...he poked himself in the eye and started to cry. Someone behind the stage consoled him and he got back out there and finished waiving that flag until the very end. Too cute!! If you are ever in Dallas, House of Blues is a great place to see a show. It is very spacious. Just beware, you will pay about $6.00 for a beer!
Until next time, Cheers!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Afternoon and Beer

Today I went to the Rhar & Son's Brewery. I highly recommend it as a fun thing to pass the time on a Saturday afternoon. For those of you with young ones, this place is even family friendly! I am not too much of a beer drinker, I do prefer my wine and rum but....I was pleasantly surprised! This beer is very good! I'm a light beer kinda girl so I went with the "Cats Eye" which is dedicated to the Fort Worth Cats, a local professional baseball team. I also like their blonde lager, it is nice and reminds me of the summer for some reason.

Anyhoo, what you do is arrive to the brewery at about 1:00pm. Then get in line to pay five bucks and you get a nice pint glass (about 4 to choose from) and 3 beer tabs that you can cash in for beer! Five bucks for a glass and 3 beer refills is a nice price. It lasts until about 3pm and they provide food and live music. You may also run into a few people that you know much like I did. It really is a nice relaxed way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

When I got home after my afternoon of beer tasting, I made beer bread from a recipe off of the Rhar website. I am going to take to to a BBQ tonight at a friends house.

Cheers!!!! Happy Mother's Day!
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