Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Afternoon and Beer

Today I went to the Rhar & Son's Brewery. I highly recommend it as a fun thing to pass the time on a Saturday afternoon. For those of you with young ones, this place is even family friendly! I am not too much of a beer drinker, I do prefer my wine and rum but....I was pleasantly surprised! This beer is very good! I'm a light beer kinda girl so I went with the "Cats Eye" which is dedicated to the Fort Worth Cats, a local professional baseball team. I also like their blonde lager, it is nice and reminds me of the summer for some reason.

Anyhoo, what you do is arrive to the brewery at about 1:00pm. Then get in line to pay five bucks and you get a nice pint glass (about 4 to choose from) and 3 beer tabs that you can cash in for beer! Five bucks for a glass and 3 beer refills is a nice price. It lasts until about 3pm and they provide food and live music. You may also run into a few people that you know much like I did. It really is a nice relaxed way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

When I got home after my afternoon of beer tasting, I made beer bread from a recipe off of the Rhar website. I am going to take to to a BBQ tonight at a friends house.

Cheers!!!! Happy Mother's Day!

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