Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Hello Again!

Well, it has been a month of Sundays (as my Grandmother would say) since I last posted, literally! I have had quite a bit going on. Something I am very happy with that I recently accomplished was rejuvenating my winter ridden garden. I raked the leaves that had fallen into it, planted flowers, laid down new soil and mulch and TA-DA......a fresh new garden! I love this time of year, thing start to bloom and everything is green again and full of color. The weather is nice...not too hot and not too cool, just perfect. It is perfect weather for sitting on the porch in the afternoon drinking hibiscus tea or sitting on the porch in the evening drinking a rum and coke with a friend! Here is a little peak into what I have done so far. I also potted flowers. I love Gerber Daisies so I potted a few of those. Zinnias also do really well in Texas so I planted a TON of them...among a few other things. Anyhoo, here are a few pictures of my WIP!

My climbing rose bush that I planted nearly 2 years ago is absolutely beautiful. The roses this year are HUGE! Here is a picture of one that I clipped and brought inside my house to enjoy.

I needed a little pick me up a few weeks ago so...what better pick me up than a new purse! I seriously can never ever have too many purses. I am going to start working on a new bag inspired by Amy Karol

I love me some Anna Maria Horner fabric! Her new line is wonderful.

Well, that is pretty much what I have been up to. I plan to start cranking' out some sewing and to also start posting new items on Etsy, for real this time!


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