Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday In Santa Fe

Another beautiful day in Santa Fe.  We took it easy this morning which was really nice. My dad and I went for a little hike and when we came back to the casita my sister made banana/granola and blueberry pancakes along with fruit salad and a bird in a nest! Hiking in this altitude is tough so we were hungry when we got back!

Then for a bit more relaxing and hanging out be fore we took off for the day. My poor little V is sick. We had to pick up meds for her and I hope that she will be good as new soon so she can enjoy SF with us.

Mimi stayed back with V and the rest of us had lunch at Upper Crust Pizza. My sister and I shared the whole wheat sunny chicken pesto pizza. Fantastic! The pizza is great. You can't get a whole wheat pizza back home that I am aware of unless you make it yourself. This was dang good! Thank you Upper Crust! We sat on the patio. The weather was great and there was a nice breeze. The people that worked there were great too.

A shot of the nice little area we ate in. Great views all around.

After pizza we went shopping of course. My younger cousin Phoebe got a cute little purse she had her eye on yesterday and also picked up a few buttons to put on it from Santa Fe Hemp. She is 11 so I am sure she found the store very interesting. But, I love this store and my sister did too so I am glad about that! I could not resist this necklace.

I love owls and this necklace is so very charming. 

We also went to Todos Santos! The best chocolates and confections in Santa Fe if you ask me plus it has a Dia de los Muertos theme. I mean, you can't possibly beat that! The people the work there are consistent, the same people that have been working there since I started going several years back, and they are friendly so that is an added bonus.  As usual I had to purchase a "box of chocolates" and a few little extras. I also had to get a little something special for V since she has been sick.

We also stopped by Miriam's Well. I love this store and go here mainly for woolies to spin.Miriam is a very eccentric and lovely lady that owns the place.

Unfortunately, she was on vacation. I guess we can let this one slide since everyone deserves a vacation. The very nice lady holding down the fort said that Miriam will be back on Wednesday so my sister and I will go back. I think Thursday will be the day we go to La Boca as well. That will be a good day! I wish we had a place like La Boca where I am from.

Well, geeze, back to what is most important...the woolies!

I picked up 100% Targhee and a Merino pencil roving. Pencil roving is so easy to spin with. For me, there is no predafting required and is it very simple for me to spin a thin and consistent yarn. There is something about Santa Fe that makes me feel even more creative and makes me want to create even more than when I am at home. It must be the calm spirit of Santa Fe. I could just knit and spin all day in Santa Fe. So, that is what I have been doing, the knitting part anyway. But, as usual, I brought the old reliable wheel too so I am going to spin some too while I am here. I have been working on knitting a hat for my uncle. I really have never knit a hat before so we will see how it turns out. I figure if I can knit socks I can knit a hat!

Oh, Santa Fe, if it were not for my hubby staying back home while I am here I may never leave!

Cheers to another great day in Santa Fe!

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