Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wednesday In Santa Fe

Today we ventured off to Madrid, NM. It is an old coal mining town. I reminded me a lot of our trips to Crested Butte as a child. This was an artsy and funky town. I knew it would be neat when I stepped out of the car, saw an awesome little coffee shop, heard a Kings of Leon song playing in the distance, and saw a man riding on a unicycle down the  middle of the street. A picture I wish I could have captured. Our first stop w as the best little thrift store in town, Redbone. They had so many wonderful things.

There were many a vintage boot to choose from.

Then we stumbled upon Java Junction. This store suited all my needs iced coffee and shopping. I purchased a cute little funky people red maxi dress from this fantastic little coffee shop.

After shopping we built up an appetite and stopped at The Hollar for lunch.

Fried pickles after a long morning of shopping is very necessary.

I had a goat cheese salad. OMG, the goat cheese was fantastic. It was crispy, warm, and delicious!

We stopped in a few more shops but I loved this one. The lady working was so sweet. She said they had been open for only 2 weeks and their grand opening is this Saturday. She and a few of her friends opened the place. It is a screen printing shop. They have screen printed tote bags for only 7 bucks!

So, here is my screen printed tote bag which I love and find very clever and also a cute little owl purse I found while out shopping.

After a long day we came back to the casita and I did a bit more spinning. There is nothing like spinning in NM! It was meant to be. :-)


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