Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday In Santa Fe

Santa Fe is so nice this time of year. In Texas we are already hitting 100 degree temps. Frankly, I am not cut out for that.  Santa Fe on the other hand is about 80 degrees for the high and 50 for the low. However, the locals think that is hot! To me, it is perfect!  Today I got up and went for a hike around the land where we are staying. I forgot a bit about the altitude. I was huffing and puffing afterwards but it made for a great workout! When I got back I had a "great start breakfast" waiting for me. One of my favorite things to eat for breakfast is granola, yogurt, and berries.

However, I think I may have a new favorite thing to eat for breakfast...a bird in a nest! My sister started making this for me during her visits and as a matter of fact she will be making it for me tomorrow morning and I will be sure to share it with you. 

After breakfast we all got ready to go to mass with my dad at Cathedral Basilica. This is pretty much a tradition for us every Sunday we are in Santa Fe. My dad really loves it.

After Mass we headed over to the La Fonda for lunch. Much to my surprise, my favorite jewelry designer, Rocki Gorman, moved her shop to the La Fonda so after lunch we headed over there. Might I say I want one of every frigging thing in the place. I have my eyes on a pair of dragonfly earrings and may just hop back over there at the end of the week to purchase them. My favorite sales lady was not there which was a bit disappointing but, it was all good because I am in Santa Fe!

Well, anyhoo, back to lunch. I had tortilla soup and shared crab cakes with my mom.

I can't resist either one typically and had to have the the tortilla soup so I was happy when my mom wanted to share the crab cakes.  The Pink Adobe also has some awesome crab cakes. I hope to swing in there too before the end of this little vacation.

My sister had a yummy little goat cheese, veggie, and fingerling potato tart. I love goat cheese. :-)

For dessert, Flan!

My niece Violet loved it!

After lunch we shopped a bit and I picked up a huge can of Chile powder and blue corn meal from the Santa Fe School of Cooking. I love this place. You just can't visit Santa Fe and not go in here. Also, they have the best cooking classes and demos. A must do!

Then we headed back to the casita to relax. I read my Spin Off magazine, wrote in my Happy Book and started up a bit of knitting. I crawled up in my little corner and it was the best. I have a perfect view from here and love to leave the door open that leads to the deck to get a nice breeze. I would be happy if I sat here forever.

After everyone was rested my dad grilled while my sister and I took pictures of the scenery with our new cameras.

Tomorrow my sister and I are hitting up the town for shopping, food, and a bit of mischief. :-)


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