Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sweet Gifts

I know I have not been consistent in my blogging lately but, I have been working on a rather large project! Once I am done, I will reveal!  I have been missing blogging and actually had a moment to sit down and get caught up. Me blogging during the weekday? What gives? Well, I woke up this morning the sound of running water between my kitchen and bathroom wall and a very large puddle of water taking over my bathroom floor. Fortunately, I got to it before it made its way to the hardwood floor in the hall. So, I called my friendly local plumber who we have become rather close to over the years (hence friend flushing her keys down my toilet a few years back). Now, here I wait for them to rescue me which means a little blogging time!

My sister, BIL, and niece recently visited for the holidays. We had a great time. They are very thoughtful in their gift giving and handmade practically everything this year! I am not certain where they find the time!  

During their visit I discovered how great Violet is at embroidery. She is quick and consistent! My sister made this adorable pot holder and Violet did the embroidery. She is just 7 years old! 

My sister has some great antique stores where she lives so she picked out a few vintage planters for me.

They also made Lemoncello from you can tell it is yummy!

This raspberry chipotle sauce is wonderful! I put some on cream cheese and served it with crackers, it has a nice kick! I may use the rest as a marinade for chicken one night. 

Even though things were different this holiday after the passing of my Grandfather and Uncle, it was still a very nice and quiet holiday season. I was able to have a few days off and relax with my family. 

On one of my days off us girls went to the Benbrook Antique Mall. It is a great place to find sweet things! I could have stayed in there for hours. But, we were on a time limit so that kept us in line. 

I found these cute fairy lamps and also a candy dish to put some of my jewelry in.

I also came across this adorable planter! 

When it warms up a bit I am going to put a succulent in it and stick it on my front porch. 

Well, the plumber just called and he is on his way. This should be interesting! 


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Taos Sunflower said...

Well it goes without saying I'd like to do a little damage to the chipolte sauce, but want I really want to say is that I think the embroidery your niece did on the potholder is just so cool. Not only clever but thoughtful. I love when someone has the time to hand make a gift, no matter the size.

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