Saturday, May 16, 2009

Puffy Tacos And Herbs

It has been a rather nice weekend so far, despite all this rain today! Yesterday evening Jeff and I went to Caro's. It is a little hole in the wall Mexican food restaurant which claims to be the home of the puffy taco. I have never had a puffy taco but let me tell you they are delish! I scarfed it down and Jeff and I vowed to go back. Everything there is puffy, including the chips and nachos! I was even puffy myself after I left since I pigged out. The service is friendly and fast! They also have huge frozen margaritas, bonus!

After dinner we went to see Wolverine. It was gooooooooood. Here is a little gift for all you Hugh Jackman fans: ;-)

Then, today, I was up bright and early to go with my mother to the Botanic Garden Herb Festival. We have gone for several years in a row. It really is so much fun but the rain kinda put a damper on things (no pun intended). The festival is mainly outside so we were soaked!

This year for lunch we had the garden Tuscan veggie sandwich. Oh it was good, made with wheat berry bread, roasted bell peppers, herbed cream cheese, provolone, mushrooms, cucumbers, and spinach. There was also a nice fudgie brownie!

After lunch we went to the 12:45 presentation with one of our favorite ladies from Our Thyme Garden. She presented a fantastic cooking demonstration. She even gave everyone copies of the recipes! I can't wait to cook them!

I brought home Lemon Verbena


Tiny Tomatoes

Mexican Oregano

And Gomphrena

Then when I came home and dried off, I started working on cutting fabric

for Anna Maria's Taxi Tote

I hope to have this little bag finished for my trip to Santa Fe, which is just right around the corner!!!


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