Sunday, September 20, 2009

Shopping, Cooking, And Mowing Torture

Hello there blog readers. I hope all is well. I cannot believe that September is rapidly coming to an end! We are encroaching on one of my very favorite months! October! Ah, fall is in the air. I love this time of year, pumpkins, leaves, cool weather, and comfort food! I went to Bath and Body Works yesterday because they were having a sale on their Slatkin candles. These candles smell great and last a long time. Since the fall bug has bitten me, I got a warm vanilla sugar candle and a sweet cinnamon pumpkin candle. The pumpkin candle smells great!! I also went to Williams-Sonoma, Kohl's, Central Market, and Double Exposure yesterday too. Seems as though the shopping bug has bit me too! There were some great finds at Double exposure. I picked up 4 new couch pillows at a steal! They are really cute and in great condition. The little rust color pillow I picked up a Kohl's. A set of 2 for next to nothing! 6 pillows total...and if the dogs mess them up, they were cheap and I won't cry!

I also found a brand new Martha Stewart Martini Mixer set at Double Exposure for a fraction of what it would have been in a store. It was still in the box and wrapped in plastic! Double Exposure is my new found place for housewares!

So, I'm busted, I can't not pick up a few bottles of wine at Central Market. That is what you see behind my Martini Set. :-) Central Market is fantastic. My friend Mel came over last night so, we went there to pick up a dinner for 2 and a bunch of other stuff that we did not need. We were there for an hour. But it was worth it! The dinner for 2 was Enchiladas and it was really good!

It has been raining for days here. I love the rain but, when it rains as much at it yard looks awful! Jeff hates mowing. I really never understood until today why he hates it so much. I know it takes a while to mow because our yard is ridiculously huge (we are on a corner lot), but...I always figured it could be way worse and honestly thought he was just being a baby (sorry Jeff, love you!). He has been stressed because it is his last year of school and he has been studying a lot. I have been stressed because our yard is the worst looking yard on the block. I thought I would be nice and offer to help him with the yard today. I figured he could get done faster and then study and then I would be happy because our yard would not be 12 inches tall anymore and random people would stop ringing the bell offering to mow our yard for a "low price". Now, you know that your yard has to look pretty bad when random people are coming by offering to mow your yard for you. So, my bright idea was for him to edge and I would mow. Um...yeah..did I just say bright idea?

There are some things that I am just not meant to do and mowing is one of them.

This is only a very teeny tiny itty bitty small fraction of our yard, the side yard to be exact. It is also the flat part. The rest of the yard is on a hill and I have recently discovered that it is hard to push a mower up a hill. I thought I was going to throw up at one point but...I did not and I am proud! Jeff did finish it up for me after he finished edging but, I could have done it, with the very real possibility of passing out on the last stretch (I think I started hallucinating at one point), BUT...I could have done it! :-) So, the yard looks nice now and I am happy.

After our early morning mow, I made breakfast. I am growing jalapenos in my backyard garden and I happily harvested one.

Of course, our morning breakfast staple is eggs. So I chopped up my little tiny homegrown jalapeno pepper, sauteed it up with some turkey, and made an omelet.

I picked up some whole grain English muffins at Central Market yesterday so, I toasted those and added the most fantastic cheese I have ever eaten (that I also picked up at Central Market, It's called California Sicilian Jack) and toasted it until the cheese melted. I added the omelet to the muffin and viola, egg muffins!

Now I am working on a few little sewing projects which I will blog about later this week!

Cheers everyone!

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Wild Violets said...

Oh wibby nice try with the mowing...hilarious!!!

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