Sunday, July 25, 2010

I Think Sunday May Be My Favorite Day

Why you ask? Well, the house is clean because I did that on Saturday. The pantry is stocked because I have already been to the store. So, there is pretty much nothing to do except what I want to and that is exactly what I did today! 

After my first few cups of coffee I decided to make myself an omelet. I stuffed it with sautéed green bell peppers and onions, feta, and turkey.

Ah, a perfect flip.  This does not always happen for me. Good times.

Yum, I love breakfast, especially on the weekends because I can take the time to enjoy it.

Then, I spent the majority of the day surfing wedding blogs for ideas. I came across some great ones! 

* I love this "Just Married" banner over at Green Wedding Shoes. This site is incredible! I will be a frequent visitor. 

* You can get your swank on over here.  Who needs wedding magazines when you have blogs like this! 

* If only I were independently wealthy, I would have hired her to plan my wedding. 

* Now, I cannot get enough of The Knot. Seems as though they have their own Vintage Wedding Site which I love because this is the direction that I am going with the wedding theme.  Great ideas here! 

* More great ideas over here too! 

* I love fashion and this blog is perfect. 

At this rate I will be on the computer until I pass out!

 While I was browsing wedding sites, I came across Jamie Lidell.  Honestly I have never heard of him but, I checked him out and I like him.  I have already downloaded 2 of his albums on iTunes. I am listening to him now. :-)

Even though I may pee my pants, dress, I am getting excited about the wedding day. It is going to be a party! 

Get ready folks, most of my crafting and blogging will be about wedding stuff from now until the wedding! 

I worked a bit more on my birdcage veil prototype.  Here is a little sneak peek. 

The feathers and button are not attached yet but it still give a pretty good idea of what it will look like.  I really like it.

I thought it would have been difficult to find a costume jewelry button for the flower but "lows and behold" as my Grandma would stay, when I dumped my jar of buttons out.... was the 3rd button I came to! I think it is perfect. This jar of buttons was my Grandmother's.  She gave it to me last summer I think. So, it also has a bit of sentimental value which I think it sweet. 



Tooje said...

Ah, wedding stuff. :) Takes me back, certainly. BUT...all the links you just linked up??? THIS is why I never surfed the web or browsed wedding stores or sections in stores. As soon as I found what I liked and found it affordable for me...I got it. Too many choices!!! The less I knew about what I "could" have had, the better off I was. Ha!

Happy Monday. I'm blog hopping from SITS.

Liz said...

You have a point there, way too many choices! I just have to keep myself focused and hope that works!

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