Monday, March 14, 2011

Things That Make Me Happy

My Papa was admitted to In Patient hospice last night. I have cherished every moment that I have been able to spend with him. I have heard the most fantastic stories about him as his friends come to visit him. We have all laughed and cried. It has been very surreal experience. 

So, in my sadness, I have tried to find things to make me happy. This was inspired by my sister. It makes me happy that she, my BIL, and niece are here during this time. She has this book:

There is a page where guests write what make them happy.

So, some of the things that make me happy are, my Papa's cover-all's, the Jeep rides he took us on at the farm, the plastic roach he would put in my food when I was not looking, and his cookie jar! 

Some other things that make me happy are cupcakes, especially when they are baked by my niece, Violet, and cousin, Phoebe! 

The American Red Cross also makes me happy for allowing my cousin, Bryan, to come home on emergency military leave.

My Family makes me happy too. Without them, all of this would be unbearable. I have an amazing family, that makes me the most happy. 


Wild Violets said...

What a great list of happy things. Jeep Rides and Papa's coveralls make me happy too!!

CK said...

What a beautiful post! Your papa's cover-alls and the cupcakes seem so very sweet ;)

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