Friday, December 6, 2013

A Good Ol' Texan Arctic Blast

It rarely snows in Texas...maybe once a year? We get ice usually. I don't remember getting much last year but this year it came early. It began to sleet Thursday evening and went through Friday morning. The roads were frozen solid and people were slipping and sliding everywhere. Fortunately, I had already asked for the day off several weeks ago because we were to get our back splash installed today but...they cancelled. So, I got to stay home all warm and snugly all day! I've been able to catch up on a lot of things but also be lazy too! I practiced a little with my camera shooting in manual as well. 

I would like to get a macro lens for my camera so I could get better close ups. 

Penelope loves the snow and ice. The ice is so think her paws don't even sink into it! Poor thing hardly has any hair so she needs her sweater when she goes outside.

She tries to eat the ice. She loves water and can't really figure out why it's frozen.

It is a winter wonderland out there. Perfect for being cozy.


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