Saturday, September 20, 2008


Well, after 2 months of 103 degree weather and a recent solid 4 days of 103 degree fever, I am back in action. The weather is cool, the antibiotics are working, and the creative bug has bit me. Remember that little vintage hat? Well, it is currently a W.I.P (work in progress). I should be finished with it very soon. It has been fun to dust off the sewing machine and get working again. Now it is really time to buckle down and get some projects underway, Christmas is just right around the corner. I am already behind, yikes!

This hat is pretty simple and of course very cute. I have never sewed from a pattern before so, I am finding that a bit of a challenge. I usually make the pattern myself or just make whatever it is I am making as I go.......

Hmmm, I need a cute vintage button for the top of the hat. Guess I will be ringing my mom's doorbell soon so I can dig through her gigantic jar of old buttons!


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