Friday, July 25, 2008

Past and Perfect

So, ever since I saw this hat (the picture in the top right hand corner), I have wanted one too. A few months back I went to my stylist and finally asked him to cut my hair cut short. I have wanted to do this style for years but never worked up enough nerve to try it. For some reason, I prefer my short hair opposed to my long hair, in a hat. I have not been able to find the perfect hat just yet. I have looked around and tried on a few but, was not able to find one to meet my fancy. When I saw the hat she had on in her picture, I new I had to have one, it was perfect! I figured she made it since she seems to be a crafty gal and I eventually found out that it was sewn from a Vintage 1960's Simplicity pattern. I love all things vintage so I thought immediatley that this hat was a winner. I hopped right over to ebay, did a little search, and made a bid. Unfortunately someone out bid me a few hours later so, I took my many years of ebay bidding smarts and waited to make a bit at the last second of the auction. Sure enough I won! Waiting to bid at the last minute is a bit underhanded but works every time :-) ! I can't wait to get sewing! First of all I am going to have to dig through my mounds of fabric to find the perfect combination to make the hat. I already have something in mind. This hat will be perfect for the upcoming ACL Festival in September (I hope it cools off a bit, I can't take this 104 degree weather). It will be my first time going and I am getting excited. Well, I will keep all posted on my hat sewing progress.

Until then, cheers!

P.S. I also bid on the Penelope dvd and won that too! Ah, life is good.

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