Sunday, July 13, 2008

Yes, I Am Still Talking About Spinning

So I tried out spinning 2 ply. I think that currently I am experiencing the first time spinner issue, spinning too tight. When you spin too tight, it gets all curly. But, this is where the magnificence of washing your skein and hanging it to dry with a weight comes in to play so, we will see how it goes.

My curly little skein is all nice and cozy in it's bath.

This is a lovely magazine about spinning and much more. One of the things my mom picked up for me in Santa Fe (I do keep going on an on about Santa Fe too don't I?).

It is already fairly worn, I think I have read it maybe 5 times already!

I really would like to learn how to knit socks. I have wanted to learn this for a looooonnnnggg time too so, I think it is about time that I do. The other night I was surfing around for new yarn shops in my area and found this cute little shop. I checked out their schedule of classes and sure enough, they offer a sock class! It is a 2 part class. There is one that starts toward the end of August so, I think I am going to sign up for it. I can't wait.

When I was looking through the Spin-Off magazine I came across an article:

It is such a neat article to me because she starts with a patternfor spinning your yarn and then goes into the pattern for knitting the socks. If I can figure out this pattern I may not need to go to the class but, I think I will anyway just for the fun of it.

I also have been searching for a knitting/spinning group in my area. I came across the Fiber Therapy group. It is group that is in the historic area of a little town close to me. This could be lots of fun so I may go check it out in a few weeks. They meet at a local coffee shop on Wednesday evenings. A while ago some friends and I tried to start a knitting circle but it soon fizzled out due to schedule conflicts and whatnot so, I think I will give this a whirl. During my online research, Fiber Therapy brought me to a few interesting blogs. I think I will continue to stop by to read up on what they have been up to. The first, is the lady that put together the Fiber Therapy group. The second, is a link from the blog list of the first one I mentioned. I am anxiously awaiting some roving to arrive in the mail that I purchased over here. I think my package may arrive. Probably would have arrived today but, there is no post on Sunday. Some of the roving I purchased is not dyed so I will soon try out hand dying my own wool! I can't wait!


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