Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th!

So.....I had a nice quite night alone on the 4th. I can hear fireworks right now actually. At least my neighbor is not firing them off across the street like last year, but it is not 1 o'clock in the morning yet. I remember that last year the 4th was on a Thursday and I had to work the next day. Right around 1 o'clock I shot straight up out of bed because it sounded like I was under attack. I swear scud missiles were flying at my house. Then I realized it was my drunken neighbor and his friends. It had not rained in days and I thought for sure the house was going to catch on fire since we were in the middle of a drought.

Needless to say, I was not a happy camper and it kept me up until 3am, mostly because I was paranoid that he would catch the whole neighborhood on fire and...not to mention the screeching of the firecrackers. This is also the neighbor who's recycling bin fell over and all 3 trash bags of beer cans and bottles rolled into my yard and sat there for a few days and he never did anything with them. So, one morning, on my way to work, I picked them all up and put them in my recycling bin while beer leaked all over me. Hmmm....can you sense my animosity? Well, at least he is helping save mother earth by recycling, gotta give him props for that. Ha!!

Well, anyhoo, I stayed home and had a nice quite evening for the 4th. I updated my blog, had my favorite drink (rum, lime juice and Perrier), ate a skinny cow ice cream sandwich, watched Super Bad, and spun some more yarn. Meet Kate, Lazy Kate. She holds my yarn for me:

The yarn is called marigold. I am getting a bit better at this spinning thing, but I certainly am not perfect yet. I can't wait to knit with it! July is usually when I start making Christmas gifts, just because it takes from July until December to get everything ready. I have not quite figured out what I am going to do this year but I betcha it will have something to do with handspun yarn!

Cheers and Happy 4th!!

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