Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Little Bo Peep....

...she lost her sheep but I found them!!!!

Here is the skein of my handspun 100% wool yarn hanging to dry.

Here is the skein all dry and ready to be knit into something sweet!

This folks, is going to be very very addicting. It is sooo much fun. I am off on Friday, Happy 4th to all. So, I may take advantage of this day off and take my wheel outside and spin a bit on my newly redecorated patio! My parents came over on Sunday to make over my patio so we can continue our party on the patio...even though we are no longer in Santa Fe.

My dad hung bamboo blinds, which add a ton more shade in this Texas heat (I am melting as we speak).

He also hung a few potted plants, Moss Rose and Petunias. The birds will love this, but....I need to get bird food stat!! (you can see my kitchen curtains from outside!)

My mom got these bright and colorful pillows that add a nice comfy touch.

I could not be happier. A shout out to my Exterior Decorator, Thanks Mama!


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