Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Lovely Weekend

The weather here has been so nice the past few weekends. We have gotten a lot of rain lately but the weekends have been nice. The rain has been very nice for my gardens. I was able to clip a few of my herbs and flowers to bring in and enjoy while the sun shines through my windows!

On Saturday, my mom, a family friend, and I did a bit of wedding stuff. The family friend is going to be our flower arranger. Not to worry, I do not plan turn into bridezilla and only talk about the wedding until the wedding day. :-) We went to a local wholesale florist to get ideas for what kinds of flowers are going to be available for this time next year. I told my mom before we got there that I wanted pumpkins for part of the decorations. When we got to the florist, we saw the cutest tiny pumpkins that were hollowed out and had flowers in them. So, I plan to incorporate that in my decor! It was better than the pumpkins that I had imagined! We had a lot of fun there. There is a pumpkin making demo there this Wednesday, if I am not to tired after work, it would be fun to go.

After the flower market we grabed lunch and talked about deorations and flower arrangements. Then, my mom and I headed to Southlake for more shopping. We stopped over at Nordstrom Rack, my new favoriate shopping venue!

We had dinner at Mi Chula's again since we loved it so much the last time. Go, you must go there! They have the best prickly pear margarita and their salsa is fantastic!

Last time my mom had tamales. They were so good and I was starving so that is what I had this time.

After Mi Chula's, we headed over to Crate and Barrel. I really love this store and am considering registering there. My mom thought it would be a good idea to go in to see if I really do want to resiger there. So, after looking around, it was confirmed. Registration at Crate and Barrel will take place.

We did a bit more shopping and after a long long...but, I came home and crashed.

Today I continued my shopping spree and went shopping at DSW for winter shoes. I hate closed toe shoes but in winter it is a necessity for your toes to be warm so open toed will not do! I had great luck! I love DSW.

Jeff had a buddy over for the Cowboys game. He vacuumed the couch to help me clean a bit. Come to find out, Cedella likes to be vacuumed.

Eventually I will stop shopping and wedding investigating and start crafting againg so, no worries. Crafting blogging is in store for the near future. I gotta kick it up a notch and get this Christmas crafting underway! I can't believe it is almost November!


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