Monday, November 2, 2009

I Hope Everyone Had A Happy Halloween Weekend!

This past Halloween weekend flew by! For me it was very busy. On Halloween morning we met up with Jeff's mother, brother, aunt, second cousin, and my mother for brunch at Joe T. Garcia's. It is a local hot spot here in Fort Worth. It was Jeff's mother's idea to have our wedding rehearsal at Joe T.'s and a mighty fine idea at that if I do say so myself. So, we went to test out the food and secure the deposit. Oh, the food was fantastic. I completely forgot to bring my camera, otherwise I would have taken a picture of it!

The outside patio of the restaurant is absolutely beautiful! There is a pool/fountain and it is completely lavish with flowers and vines. We are going to have the rehearsal dinner in the "Villa". So, after a nice brunch we went home and hung out with Jeff's brother and then some friends came over for a little Halloween evening excitement.

Ok, I am not a fan of scary movies and refuse to subject myself to complete and total terror, not my idea of a bang up good time so, the boy's went to see Paranormal Activity and the girls hung back at the house and made dinner. We had a total of 3 trick or treaters!! Now, you see my exclamation? This is actually an increase from our one that we got last year. This neighborhood I live in is full of kids but they all go to Elizabeth Blvd. All the kids in town know that is where you go trick or treating. You need 2 trick or treat bags to hold all the loot you get over there! This is bit of a disappointment for me because I love trick or treaters! But, none the less, it was still a good time and the kids that came to my house hit the mother load. Oh, and there was a bit of extra candy left over for me!

Then on Sunday my sister, niece and brother-in-law came into town! I have been looking forward to their visit for a while! I always have so much fun when they come into town. Violet said that she was a tiger for Halloween. I am sure she made the cutest tiger ever! Jeff and I got her the Fancy Nancy Halloween book and shipped it to her before Halloween so she could enjoy it. My sister said that Violet liked the book so much she called herself a "fancy tiger."

You know, the best gifts are handmade gifts...especially hand made gifts from your favorite little niece! Violet made me a pumpkin house with a chimney and smoke! What a creative mind the little one has! She made it out of a paper bag. She stuffed the bag and then twisted it at the top to make the stem. She painted it with orange paint and glitter and drew a little house on the front with the marker. She said that the stem was a chimney and it needed "smoke" so, she glued cotton to the top of it!!

I hope all the little witches, wizards, and goblins had fun this weekend!


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