Sunday, November 15, 2009

Seasons of Color

Fall is my favorite season. There are so many beautiful colors! I enjoy looking out the windows of my house because every angle is full of fall colors, so many colors!

This past weekend I worked on the usual house cleaning but also on getting ahead in my Christmas shopping. I refuse this year to be stuck in traffic trying to shop! I live in a highly populated area. Soon, the access road to the major highway next to my house will be barricaded off because there will be too much traffic. I love the area I live in because it is close to everything but I despise living in this area this time of year. Several years ago, when I was in high school, I had an immature moment and went shopping at the mall on Christmas Eve and got stuck in parking lot traffic for an hour, never again! So this year, in my older...more mature 30 year old state, I am getting a handle on this shopping stuff early. Yes...there is a possibility this may be all talk because there is a part of me that likes shopping when all the decorations are up and the Christmas music is playing but...we will see. I think online shopping is going to be my best friend this season! here I come!

Crafting is also back in action! I have picked up the sticks again and am also going to get out the wheel, Christmas crafting here I come! Oh, and there will be more blog entries for sure. I have neglected my poor little blog recently because, you know, I have had wedding magazines to look at. But, since I have looked at about every wedding magazine there is this season, I can now be preoccupied with blogging and crafting once again!


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