Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday in Granbury

This morning we woke up too ducks, lots of little ducks. They were just quacking away. It was great! I tried to feed them some bread but they got spooked and swam away.

 After mingling with the ducks I made breakfast. That is what is great about staying in vacation rentals vs. hotels. You have your own fully equipped kitchen and can cook up whatever you want!

So, I made an omelet with the left over veggies from last night and paired that with cinnamon rolls from Central Market

I relaxed with a bit of knitting while Jeff studied.

Then we took Millie for a swim in her life jacket. She was not to pleased, unfortunately. We are going to give it another shot tomorrow to see how she does. She does, however, rather enjoy barking at the ducks. 

Later, we drove to the square to have dinner at The Loft.  The square is so cute! This place was very nice and cozy. Quiet too for a Saturday but I liked it that way.  I pretended that we were at a restaurant in Victoria! 

We started with Beer Cheese Dip for an appetizer

 I had a wonderful salad with fried goat cheese on top! I love goat cheese so much but when it is fried I think I might like it even more. Texas State Fair, take note please. 

Then I had crab cakes for dinner. Yet another favorite thing of mine. Once I see crab cakes on a menu I have trouble focusing on anything else. These crab cakes were mighty tasty!

Then, when we got back to the lake house we had a little taste of the top layer of our wedding cake. My mom says that this is tradition, to freeze the top layer, thaw it out, and eat it on your first year wedding anniversary. 

I was very excited about this because, I remember how yummy that cake was. It was the only thing that I ate at my wedding, my only regret...I did not eat any of the food and we had crab cakes!! Ugh. So, I cut the wedding cake, while reminiscing about the wedding and how much fun I had, with a bit of banter back and forth with Jeff forcing him to have a bite even though he was stuffed.

 Unfortunately folks, year old thawed out frozen cake tastes like dirt. It sure looks pretty though.

Much to my disappointment, dirt cake does not taste so hot. So, to perk me back up my dear sweet husband pulled out a gift and it was in an Anthropologie bag!!!!! 

My gift came in a lovely little cloth bag.

It was a lovely ring that he thoughtfully picked out for me. I can't believe that he actually went in there by himself! 

A very perfect end to a nice day at the lake house. 



Cro Magnon said...

I believe that ducks are very partial to year old wedding cake!

Liz said...

Ha! Well, I believe you are correct! Why didn't I think of that?? :)

Wild Violets said...

Good times! Great job to Fee for picking out your ring! Oh, how I love Anthropologie. love you

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