Sunday, December 23, 2012

Homemade Maraschino Cherries

I am keeping up with the Christmas baking. Trying hard to get caught up because there has been so much going on this month! I was watching the food usual...and Ted Allen had the greatest and most simple recipe for maraschino cherries so, I went with it. All you need are sour cherries and Maraschino Liquor. Come to find out, both are rather hard to come by. But, with several calls to several places I was able to collect my ingredients. All you do it bring to a simmer one cup of Maraschino Liquor. I used Luxardo. After your liquor is simmering, add your sour cherries. You can use fresh ones, which I will do next time but they are not in season, or you can use canned sour cherries that you have drained. Stir the cherries in and turn of the heat. Allow them to cool and put in jars. I actually added a tiny bit of sugar to sweeten them up just a little while the liquor and cherries were still warm. There you have it!

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