Saturday, February 9, 2013

Torchy's Tacos Is Tha Bizomb

I have been obsessed with Torchy's Tacos for years now. We eat there like a gazillion times when we take road trips to Austin. The. best. tacos. period. Now...the gods have listened and they built one here in little old Funky Town. Praise all the is merciful. When they first opened in December there was a line wrapped around the building so Jeff and I ordered online and he went to pick up. But, today, we headed on down there for lunch and it was delish! Our eyes are always bigger than our stomachs when we go. So, it was only fitting that we ordered a metric ton of food. So much food the guy that delivered it to our table said "here comes the party" and a party it was. A bit honkin' food party that left us with big  honkin' food comas. It was all so worth it.

The street corn is to die for. I cant describe it really other than freaking awesome. Yum.

I always have to get the green chile pork taco because I am a green chile eating fool. I also like to throw a breakfast taco in too so I went with the migas taco. Again, yum, thank you very much. 

The queso is the best every. I didn't get a picture of that because we ate it all. :) So, there you go. If you live close to a Torchy's, go. Now. 


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