Sunday, February 10, 2013

Late Night Lamp Recovering

So, the crafty bug bit me one evening which lead to an impromptu lamp covering. I have these 2 great milk glass lamps but they have the same old tired white lamp cover they have had probably since they were made. There were few stains on the shades here and there too. I just got tired of looking at them so I stuck both the lamps in the garage for a while. Then, eons later, I had a thought. Why not recover the darn things? Geeze, and it took me THAT long to come up with the idea to recover the shades? 

So, I went scavenging into my craft supplies and low and behold, I had all the supplies necessary to recover the lamp shades. While I can't say I followed a professional protocol for lamp shade covering, because I didn't. I do have to say I came up with my own creative way and they turned out pretty darn good. 

From my craft stash I used 2 different fabric prints, fabric scissors, craft clue, a craft sponge, newspaper and a sharpie to make the pattern.

Take your newspaper and lay the lamp shade on it. Use the sharpie to draw the outline of your shade to make your pattern.

Cut your pattern out.

Lay the pattern on your fabric with wrong side of the fabric facing up and trace and cut your fabric.

I don't know what the proper way is to fix the fabric on a lamp shade but I used glue and a craft sponge. It worked great! Just dab the glue on the lamp shade and lay the fabric on.

I used another pattern of fabric to make trim for for the bottom of the lampshade and glued that on as well.

There you have it, an old lamp looking good as new.

Happy little lamp shade.  


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