Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Refrigerator Recon

My refrigerator, what can I say. It is a gigantic mess.  This is odd for me...to allow my refrigerator to die a slow and painful death. I am typically a very clean person. Even one little cat hair tumbleweed blowing down the hall way can drive me nuts. Toothpaste stuck to the sink drives me nuts. Spots of the floor drive me nuts. An unmade bed drives me nuts Anything not clean drives me absolutely nuts. But, for some reason my poor refrigerator does not fall into the "typically clean" category or even the "drives me nuts" category. So, I have taken matters into my own hands and completely cleaned out the refrigerator. I have given it life once again and I love it. I even open it just so I can look at how clean and organized it is. I plan to make it even more organized. I saw a great article in Real Simple about how to organize your refrigerator so, I am going to take it one step further. But for now, brace yourselves for the pictures to come.

So, this is how it all started. Messy, unorganized, and just plain filthy. I think there is even sour milk in there. Um, gross.

I started by pulling everything out of the fridge and freezer.

I pulled all the drawers, shelves and racks out of the fridge and cleaned them all in hot soapy water. I should have used bleach but for some strange and rare reason, I was out.

This is what I found when I pulled everything out of the fridge. Really, its gross. There is a mozzarella cheese stick back there that was cryogenically frozen. I think that is some wine and Millie's dog hair. RIP old girl. Her dog hair would get EVERYWHERE. So, I am not surprised I found enough laying around in the fridge to knit a sweater. Please don't judge. I am showing this picture because I am human and I can't possibly keep everything clean unless Mr. Lucas hires me a maid and I know that ain't happnin'

Then, 2 hours later......

Super duper spankin' looking new refrigerator and freezer!

I purchased box of OXO  containers at Target. I am going to get more, these things are awesome! So I organized various foods into the containers. I also had some zip lock containers that I used to organize with as well and Pyrex that we got as a wedding gift. I rearranged the shelving to make things fit better as well.

I wrapped the meat in freezer paper because the containers the come in can take up so much room! I also divided the chicken and placed in freezer bags. 

I am pleased but like I said, still have a bit more organization to do. But, for now. My fridge is happier and so am I.


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