Monday, November 25, 2013

Countertops Are Here!

You have to say that in the tone of Pauly from the Jersey Shore.

Anyhoo...finally... things are starting to shape up around here. The counter tops were installed in the kitchen and hall bathroom and they look great! We had one minor mishap where I felt like passing out because Thanksgiving is Thursday and I am having a party of 14 but hey, we got the kinks worked out around 9:00pm that night. Thank you to a very kind plumber who has hit it off well with Mr. Lucas and to the nice counter top installation guy that actually answered his phone after hours and came back at 7:40pm to make the sink whole bigger in the bathroom because the sink wouldn't fit. Who knew installations and updates could be so stressful. I didn't...but I have a bit more insight on the topic now.

So, the bathroom is finally (almost) updated, needs a bit more decor. We took down wall paper, painted, added new towels and a shower curtain, then put a new counter top in and vessel sink. Now, in addition to some more decor in here I am going to replace the cabinet knobs. 

I feel some sense of accomplishment now. But more work is yet to be done! 

They installed counter tops in the kitchen and an under mount sink. We had the plumber install a new garbage disposal too because the other one spewed water everywhere when we ran the dishwasher. Ah, the quirks of home ownership. The big kitchen reveal is coming soon!


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