Monday, April 23, 2007


Well...I have to confess...I have an addiction....a craftster addiction. I love every single aspect of it. There are so many fantastically crafty people out there and they are all on craftster. It is a place where you can seriously forget all your troubles. Jeff is jealous of it because it consumes so much of my time so he has built up a bit of resentment toward craftster. I figure I am not really down with the ultimate fighter championship (which he watches all the time) so...I spend that time on crafster. Why should I have to sit next to him on the couch and engage in watching men beat each other? So...really...I think it is Jeff who is subconsciously isolating himself from me by watching UFC. Well anyhoo....I will save the social work analyzing for another day :-)
I participated in a swap recently. It was an altoid tin swap. The point of it is that you go out and buy an altoid tin (btw....dark chocolate covered altoids sound incredibly putrid but...they are remarkably yummy) and decorate it and then make some crafty stuff to put into it. I received from my partner last week. She did a wonderful job. I sent mine out today but forgot to take pictures...I'm an idiot :-)
Here is what she sent me! She made the altoid tin into a pin cushion! How adorable. For the swap I was able to pick out 5 different themes and my partner got to choose which theme she was going to craft. She chose my sewing, vintage, and cherry blossom themes.

She also made a cherry blossom thimble out of polymer clay! How adorable!

These little pins are adorable. She made them out of polymer clay too. They are little flowers. I cant wait to use them!

She also made a button pin. It has a very vintage look to it which I love. I can't get too much of vintage things.

Last but not least is this fantastic crocheted cherry blossom. Wow!

I love Craftster! If you have no idea what I am speaking of then check it out under my links. It will seriously take your stresses away (and drive your significant other crazy)!

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