Sunday, February 1, 2009

Freshly Crafted Whole Wheat Bread, Yum-o

I got way carried away today! My goal was to make one felt sandwich for Violet's birthday. After I made 2 slices of bread for one sandwich, I HAD to make more. One little sandwich just did not seem like enough. I pictured her making one sandwich and then wanting to make more. I mean, what fun is it to just make one sandwich? Perhaps she would want to make 4! So, now I have a whole wheat loaf of bread for her birthday consisting of 8 slices of whole wheat bread. Now, I just gotta make the fixin's.

I was super simple. I just traced a real slice of bread on to a file folder I had and cut it out. I used this for my pattern and started cutting. I also cut one inch strips of brown felt for the crust:

Then for the stuffing I cut 4 layers of batting for each slice:

I started to sew the crust to one side of the bread:

Then sewed on the other side:

I left a hole for turning in side out:

Pressed it, stuffed the bread with batting, hand stitched up the hole and then...voila:

I am going to give my sore fingers the rest of the night off and then start tomorrow on making the condiments. If this works out like I hope, I am going to sell this little sandwich in the shop! Woo Hoo!


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