Thursday, February 19, 2009

My Arkansas Vacation Part II

Saturday morning, on Valentines day, we had reservations at the local hot spot, Joy's. We had lunch around 11am and the food was delicious! I had the garden sandwich and I think that was probably one of the best sandwiches I have ever had. After lunch, we went antique shopping! Oh my goodness, I went on a vintage Pyrex shopping spree! I pillaged all the antique stores of all vintage Pyrex. I guess people in Mountain View just do not realize the fabulousness of vintage Pyrex. It is either that or I am just a major geek. I'm telling you, I cleaned up! So, for kicks, it is inevitable that I am going to post pictures of my Pyrex adventure. Oh, and there is a cute little vintage piggie in the mix too.

I found this little butter dish after I found the casserole dishes of this print on Friday.

I was thrilled to find 3 mixing bowls of the same print, large, medium and small!

This little treasure which matches with the mixing bowls, I already had in my cabinet! I am not really sure where it came from. It may be my sisters from when we lived together years ago. Possible a thrift store find?

This was seal too! It is vintage snack set. It's not Pyrex, I am not really sure what it is because it is not stamped. It may be Fire King? Whatever it is, it is adorable and I can't wait to have friends over for coffee, appetizers, and a little crafting!

And I also found the most precious vintage piggie planter I have ever seen!

After our antique shopping extravaganza we went back to the cabin and Kalin cooked the rainbow trout that he, my dad, and niece caught on Friday. He seasoned it and then sauteed it in olive oil. He made a fabulous salad too! I am not a big fish eater but this fish was fantastic.

While the fish was cooking, our little snicklefritz locked her mommy and daddy's bedroom door. At least she did not lock herself in on the other side. We all tried to pick the lock but it took Grand Daddy's master skills to bust it open. See, and Sis I am sorry for calling you out, but my sister would lock herself in her bedroom all the time when we were kids. In turn, Daddy developed great breaking and entering skills.

To top the night off we had chocolate fondue for dessert! Vi loved if you could not tell with the chocolate all over her face. :-)

Late Saturday night my sister and I decorated the table for my mother's birthday. Table decorating is an old tradition with my household. On birthdays and holidays the table would always be decorated when my sister and I woke up in the morning. When we were old enough we were allowed to decorate the table ourselves. It was a lot of fun. To decorate my mothers 60th birthday table, my sister used her vintage strawberry linen table cloth and we also used the snack trays that I snagged while power shopping!

For her birthday lunch we had spinach salad with a homemade house dressing, herbed pasta salad (which my sister made and it was fabulous), and curried chicken salad.

My sister also made a fantastic Victoria sponge birthday cake with berries (a Nigella Lawson recipe). Oh, it was delicious.

After lunch Violet and my mother opened their presents. Violet was so sweet when she opened her gifts. She was so excited about them all and would say "oh, I love it!" "Oh, thank you!". When she got to my gift, she was rather confused. See, I took the loaf of felt bread that I made and put it into a real plastic bread sleeve. She opened it and look at it for a quick second and politely said "oh, peanut butter and jelly!" She thought her Auntie Lizzie made her peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her birthday but she was so sweet about it. She did kind of give a slight look of confusion and was more than likely thinking that her Auntie Lizzie has a screw loose. Her dad told her to open the bread so, she took the twisty tie off, opened the packaging, and took a big whiff as if it were a real loaf of bread. Boy, did I have her fooled! I guess my felt sandwich making skills are stellar, ha! She finally got it and realized that I made her play food! After presents, my mother and I went back to an antique store we were in the day before and I snagged this vintage dress form.

Well, that about sums up the trip. We had a really nice time and I miss them already! Until next time.


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