Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jeff Is Snoring On The Couch.... I decided to check out the website to the new movie Coraline. It is absolutely adorable. All you fans of crafting will love it! Jeff and I are going to go see it next week. I can't wait. The website is tons of fun. Beware, it will captivate you for quite some time.

Oh how I love Coraline's room! And Bobinsky's Blog is hilarious. You just have to check out this magical website!

I think the most fabulous thing is that the Coraline makers sent mystery boxes to 50 different, not to mention lucky, bloggers! Read about it here. Geeze, how does someone get THAT lucky?!? I am trying to get in on her Coraline mystery box swap since I was not one of the lucky bloggers to receive the box from the creators.

See the trailer here.


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