Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Fancy Pants

Oh, how I love the Bernette 334DS serger! I did a double surge just to reinforce what I have sewn so far. I want these little pajamas to last a lifetime!

My P.J. pants are starting to take form. I will be all snugly in them very very soon. The button hole thing is giving me trouble. I have a Bernina 1008 and it does not have an automatic button hole feature. You, yes you, have to do all the work. Which, is totally fine with me because I like to do all the work when it comes to sewing but, I just can't figure the dang thing out. I have put in an S.O.S to my mother, who I am sure will know how to make it work. I found a way to cheat with a button hole by using the zig zag stitch but, I just cannot make myself cheat on this one. I even have my mother's brand new Singer sewing machine that probably has an automatic button hole feature but, for some reason, I just have to do things the hard way!

I think I may have these P.J.'s finished by the weekend. I can't wait to lounge about the house in them.

Stay warm and cozy everyone!



I'm Cammi said...

Haha! Each time I made p.j. pants, I must've sewn 10 trial button holes in scrap fabric before I dared lay a single stitch in my beautiful and pricey Cabbage Rose fabric. PLUS by the time you get to the button hole, you've already put SO much work into the pants... it would be horrible to mess them up that late in the game! My Singer is very basic so I do my buttonholes the hard way too. But it's VERY gratifying once completed correctly! Lookin good! Good luck!

Liz said...

OMG! I was freaking out with frustration. I think I used a whole spool of thread just trying to figure it out. Sheesh! I can't wait until I am finished. My mother is going to give me a button hole tutorial this weekend...I need it! Hopefully after that I will be kickin't it around the house in my new p.j's.

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