Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

I hope the Easter Bunny was good to everyone this year. I have very fond memories of Easters past. When I was a child, we would normally celebrate Easter at the Farm. My grandmother would boil like 4 dozen eggs and we would dye eggs all night long while Papa watched western movies. Then we would go to bed and wake up to the most fabulous Easter baskets and hunt for the eggs that we dyed the night before. My mom would always make little Easter bunny paw prints with her fingers and flour that lead to the eggs. It looked so real, so we thought then! We really thought the Easter bunny had been in the farmhouse! Later in the day we would have an Easter egg hunt outside in the orchard and us kids (which usually only consisted of me, my sister, and cousin) would frantically search for the coveted egg with a $20.00 bill in it. Well, at least I remember it being $20.00 but it could have easily been $5.00, who knows. Easter was always so fun and magical at the farm, just like most holidays when I was a kid. It is memories like these that really make me miss the farm. It was so special.

Over the past few years, for Easter, my mom has made hot cross buns. They are fantastic! I found these on my doorstep a few days ago. As you can see, I have already devoured one of them (and Mama, I did not even mind the raisins!)

Yesterday, Jeff and I went to his family reunion/family Easter get together. I brought Spinach Artichoke Dip. This recipe hands down is the best ever! I had the opportunity to use my cute little Pyrex baking dish so I went with it! The dip was a hit, as usual!

Cedella has taken to my little chick-a-dees. I caught her red handed (about 5 times in one hour)! First she bites the poor little chick out.

Then whacks it on the table and off on to the floor.

Mission accomplished!


Oh...I forgot...Easter waffles....

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