Sunday, April 5, 2009

What A Lazy Day For Me!

I have made a lot of progress on the second pair of socks I am knitting. I spent all day today (again with the all day knitting on Sunday) knitting these socks. Watch out everyone, there are socks for Christmas gifts in your future! I'm thinking that maybe I should try knitting sweaters now! But, maybe I am shooting a bit high with all my sock enthusiasm.

I also made my usual weekend breakfast consisting of eggs. When I asked Jeff this morning if he was hungry for breakfast he quickly answered "are you making eggs?" So, I guess I have gotten a bit predictable. Usually I make eggs and turkey sausage but, to keep things interesting today, I left out the turkey sausage and made a southwestern omelet. When I was mixing the cheese, black beans, salsa, and green onions (those cute little green onions were hand picked out of my garden) I thought all the colors looked so pretty, so...of course I took a picture.

My hollyhock is blooming. This is the first time that it has bloomed since I planted it last October. I never realized how pretty it would be!

I also picked up some basil and parsley at Central Market because this weekend was their herb fest. They had such pretty herbs and I could have bought more but I am trying to save space for the annual Botanic Garden Herb Festival (I know I have mentioned this before but my sister and I are in that picture in the right hand corner. That festival was about 2 years ago.).

Once again, it was another lovely Sunday.


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