Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our Thyme Garden Open House

Every year at the Botanic Gardens Herb Festival my mother and I visit cute little ladies from "Our Thyme Garden". They sell the most wonderful herbs that last forever! Twice a year they have an open house at their farm, in the Fall and in the Spring. Today was the Fall open house and my mother, cousin, and I went. Their farm is in Cleburne. I have a special place in my heart for Cleburne because my grandparents had a farm there for many years. We would go almost every weekend to stay at the farm and also for several weeks at a time during the summer. It was such a special place. My sister describes the memories rather well, click here.

Their farm is absolutely beautiful! There are so many gardens surrounding the farmhouse and neat little decorations that add a special charm. Everything is just so practical and quaint. There are tables and chairs set up in various places so you can just sit and enjoy everything the grounds have to offer.

There is even the most fabulous persimmon tree! There are butterfly gardens too. It was fascinating to see that many butterflies swarming the flowers. I think if I had a place like this farm to retreat to I would be the most happy person in the world!

They have a little store too where they sell their vinegars, oils, salts, and rubs.

If you make a reservation to come to the open house far enough in advance, you can request to have a box lunch while you are there. The lunch was absolutely fabulous. We pretty much ate the whole thing. In our box lunch was a sandwich served on a french bread baguette with Salomi, Havarti cheese, pickled veggies, pesto, olives, and a red pepper spread. There was also a black bean salad, roasted herbed pecans, and an oatmeal raisin cookie. The black bean salad was wonderful!

They were selling some of the plants and herbs they grow, so of course, I was in need of a few for my garden. I have some room for a few shade plants so I got columbine and French hollyhock. They were soooo nice and threw in an extra hollyhock for free! They were also giving away free tea and gourds! It was a really fabulous time and I can't wait to see what the open house in the Spring will have in store for us!

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