Sunday, October 26, 2008

Oh No He Didn't!

This means war!!!!

I will not be out smarted by a squirrel! I was so close to catching him in the act. Right when I opened the front door I saw his little bushy tail run up the tree and jump on to the roof of the house. That is his get away trail because I have seen him do that before after he has finished burying pecans in my garden. When I looked down to check on my pumpkin, I noticed that my pumpkin's face had been eaten out!! I sprinkled Cayenne pepper on it yesterday thinking that it would burn his little tongue but who would have thought he had a taste for the spice! He even left the evidence behind in my garden during his getaway.......

Well, speaking of my garden, I planted my hollyhock and columbine today. To my surprise, I had 2 bags of mulch in my garage so I was able to put down a fresh layer of mulch. My garden is very happy right now!

Stay tuned to the continuing saga of the battle between Liz and the squirrel. Sounds like a good title for a children's book. :-)


1 comment:

CK said...

That's SOOO funny he ate the cayenne!!!

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