Sunday, November 2, 2008

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend! I know I did! There was lots of Halloween frolicking about on Friday. Good times were had.

I spent practically the whole day today drinking hazelnut coffee, surfing the net, and working on projects. I wish tomorrow were not Monday because that means back to the old grindstone but, I guess the old grindstone is not so bad. Can you believe that Thanksgiving and Christmas are just right around the corner? I know I have said this all along but I need to kick it into high gear! Now is the time for absolute non stop crafting!! I have been working on some Christmas ornaments for the Etsy shop. I am almost done, just gotta make a trip to the ol' Jo Anns for some additional supplies. Of course I made some extra ornaments for myself! I remember the popcorn chain I made last year, it took foooooooorrrrreverrrrr! If I am correct if took about 5 episodes of Dexter. I think I may start working on a new popcorn chain soon.

Today I did a little baking, with the assistance of my bread oven. Oh how I love the bread oven. Here is my bread oven in action!

As a matter of fact, I received this oven from my Uncle for Christmas a few years ago and it has sure served it's purpose!

Today I decided to make a whole wheat loaf. I added fresh green onions, rosemary, thyme, and feta cheese. It is all kneaded and ready to bake!

The finished project ready to eat!!!!


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