Saturday, November 15, 2008

Warning, An Official Geeking Out About to Occur, Proceed With Caution...

Boy, did I do some damage today! It was a lovely day. First, I got up bright and early and made some coffee, drank my coffee while enjoying the hilarious Joel McHale on the Soup. I did a bit of power house cleaning, made a yummy breakfast, got all gussied up (well as gussied up as I get for the weekend), and hit up a few garage sales with my family. Then, after the garage sale, we went a fantastic estate sale in the Ryan Place area. The house was lovely on the outside and inside. It almost looked like a castle. I love estate sales but to me they are very surreal. Most of the time they mean an end to a life or the drastic change of a life, sometimes both. You can tell alot about people by what is in their house. I think that is the most fascinating part of estate sales to me. I imagine the lady of the house to be an artist of some sort. She had soooo many wonderful things. There was a room full of sewing fabrics and notions, knitting needles, yarn, embroidery floss and supplies, sewing patterns, and knitting patterns. There was another room full of art supplies such as paint, water color paper, crayons, and scrap booking supplies. It was amazing. The kitchen was fabulous too! Everything about the house said that the people who once lived there were world travelers. They had a lot of artifacts from different countries. I think they were probably very interesting people and I almost felt like I was intruding by rummaging through their belongings. I even saw a flapper dress with the shoes, headdress, and everything!Now, I think she must have been one cool lady!

I was very fortunate to find some fantastic things! So, here is my geek out, prepare yourself.....

When I got to the sewing/knitting room I immediately saw this...and, of course, totally geeked out.

It is full of knitting needles! I think she must have made it herself out of some vintage fabric. I have always wanted a knitting needle roll and I have really been wanting to make one for myself too. I am not sparing anyone at this point and am showing more pictures of this fabulous knitting needle roll so...hang tight for a minute.

I even found 5 pair of double pointed needles for a buck 50! So, I stuck them in the roll too. Ok, major geek out now....just for the sake of it, this is how you roll it am such a dork. Is anyone reading this?? I think I may be embarrassed after I post it. Blushing now......

Okay...on to the next thing. I have always wanted a fondue pot and "lows and behold" as my grandma would say, my destiny was awaiting in the kitchen pantry!

I also picked up a bright red Krups coffee grinder, for a steal by the way. I think I will use it to grind my herbs in...that was my mom's idea.

There were also tables full of kitchen linens and I found a few vintage linens that I absolutely adore. They will be perfect for throwing parties. Come to think of it, the holidays are arriving, I have a fondue pot, and new linens. I need to have a fondue party!

I like to keep my oils, vinegars, and homemade dressings in old beer jars. So, needless to say I was thrilled when I saw this. I don't have one in green yet and can't believe I found it. Normally, I just find them in amber. So, it is a nice addition to my collection.

I swear this is the very last thing! Vintage spools of thread and measuring tapes!

Ok, the official geek out session has ended!



I'm Cammi said...

Jackpot! I once walked into an estate sale with dozens of giant boxes full of fabric and sewing notions. They wanted to be rid of it so badly that they started asking me to take as much would fit in my car. You can imagine the look on Steffin's face, as I walked out of that house the third and fourth time with helpers carrying boxes to the car. Now I have an over flowing craft room that has spilled over into my computer room, utility room, and closet. Beware Liz. Estate sale shopping will turn you into a hoarder! I'm a minimalist gone pack-rat. It's a confusing life to live. Your needle roll is AWESOME! I can feel your excitement with you!

Liz said...

Oh, it was fabulous! That is awesome about all the fabric! I am very detail oriented but when it comes to fabric, I see a hording disorder in the midst for me. We should go estate sale shopping sometime. I think I am addicted. :-)

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