Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Every Thanksgiving I wake up and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Thank you Mama, I get it from her. In fact, I am certain it is one of the first things my sister did when she woke up this morning too (that is if she gets that TV channel, ha only kidding sis). Our Thanksgivings were usually spent at our grandparents farm in Cleburne. We would wake up and watch the parade while my grandmother and mother would prepare breakfast. I think breakfast was probably the best thing about going to the farm. My grandmother would always make the most extravagant breakfast meal. Then, a few hours later, we would have lunch. After that, she would start cooking dinner. So, needless to say, she certainly did not mess around when it came to making Thanksgiving dinner. Good times.

In memory of the old farm days, I made breakfast this morning while watching the parade. I thought it would be fun to make piggies in a blanket. It was nothing in comparison to the farm breakfast, but I had fun doing it. Jeff even watched the parade. I was surprised because he does not really get into holidays and stuff. I guess I am finally rubbing off on him after all these years.

So, to continue in the spirit of baking, I also made these pumpkin cookies. I was inspired by Amy Karol. The recipe is fabulous! I have never tasted a more fabulous cookie. This one, I think I may make every year. I bet that darn squirrel would like it. Maybe I will leave a few out for him. I guess it is kinda like leaving cookies out for Santa except the squirrel does not leave gifts when he visits.

It was fun to make the cookies and it was even more fun to bust out the Kitchen Aid mixer. It has been a while since I have baked.

After breakfast, a few mimosas, and cookie making, we went out to our friends house. This year was her first year to cook Thanksgiving for her family and her husbands family. Might I say, she did a fantastic job! The house was decorated for Fall, it looked beautiful. The food was delicious and I certainly ate too much of it. We had a great time. It was a perfect substitute because my parents and grandparents are in Santa Fe so, we did not do anything this year as a family. My mom called me to tell me that it was snowing in Santa Fe. Oh, I am so jealous.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and I hope many happy memories are made!



Wild Violets said...

Hey those ornaments are adorable. How did you make them? Finishing projects is one of the best feelings ever!!

Wild Violets said...

Hey those ornaments are adorable. How did you make them? Finishing projects is one of the best feelings ever!!

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