Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sort Of Semi Re-Do

Do you ever get tired of looking at the same thing even though it is fine the way it is? I love my bathroom but it just needed a little something extra, a little sort of semi re-do. I have a white terry cloth stool at the vanity. I sit on it almost every day to get ready for work. Cedella likes to take long relaxing cat naps on it and my niece Violet is quite fond of it. She likes to use it to stand on to brush her teeth when she visits. Come to think of it, it is a pretty popular stool. So, needless to stay, it was getting a tiny bit dingy. So I recovered it with one of my turquoise towels. I have also been wanting a new shower curtain. During our shopping extravaganza yesterday, we went to World Market, and I got happened upon a new shower curtain for the bathroom. The re-do was very simple but jazzed things up a bit. The bathroom has been that way for 3 years now! It was certainly time for a little change.


My parents also gave me their chimenea! Ah, how I love the smell of burning pinon wood. As part of our shopping extravaganza we stopped by Home Depot and I picked up some stepping stones to put the chimenea on. I have a bit more decorating and gardening to do around it but for now I am satisfied. Home Depot had the cutest little Rosemary Topiary that I have to go back and get. I already broke the bank on the shopping extravaganza so I have to draw the line somewhere and it was hard to do! I can't wait to go out on the patio on a chilly night, relax, and read a book next to the fire and the soothing smell of pinon. Who knows, I may even drag my spinning wheel out there!

I will leave you with this...when did dogs start driving cars??


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