Friday, November 14, 2008

TGIF and whatnot....

I purchased the coolest necklace from Bionicunicorn a few days ago and it arrived in the mail today, happy Friday to me! It was a nice surprise to come home to, especially after another exhausting week at work (and not to mention that I have been on call which means no warm fuzzy wine buzz for 7 days and tomorrow it is going to get cold!!!).

I love the little owl. There is something magical about him and I find the bright green eyes captivating, like they can put people in a trance. Hmmm, it would be great if this was a magic little owl and I could get people to do whatever I asked. How wonderful it would be to have Jeff in a trance everyday doing household chores and cooking dinner. I could just kick my feet up, have that glass of wine I have been wanting for the past week, and watch the Food Network. But, anyhoo...back to this fabulous necklace. I think I need to go shopping to buy an outfit to match it :-). It really is a lovely and well made piece. I think I may see more jewelery from the Bionicunicorn arriving in my mailbox in my future, the little owl just told me so.

On another note, sister and niece are in town visiting. My brother-in-law even stayed the week but he had to leave today to head back down to TRF for the weekend, duty calls! His family has a fantastic sword business, the best in the world!

Tomorrow my sister, Violet, and I are going Estate sale shopping with my parents....yup, my dad is even going, which I find quite surprising. I am sure it is because he wants to hang out with "his girls". I am on a vintage hunt and hope to find a few goodies! There is also a Goodwill down the street from my house I have never been to so, I think I may pop in there as well.

Happy Friday and Cheers to all!

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