Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fall Is Here

I love October, and so does Cedella, my little Halloween kitty. The weather is cooler (oh and have I mentioned that the weather is cooler?), Halloween is lurking around the corner, comfort foods are waiting to be made, and pumpkins, there are lots and lots of pumpkins! I have been in a crafting lull, mostly because when it is hot, I can't do ANYTHING! I am not meant for the hot weather, I am just worthless. I think life would be good if I moved to Santa Fe. How could you ever be in a lull. Oh Santa Fe and the perfect temperatures all year long! Hopefully my parents will move there in the next few years and then that will give me an excuse to either visit, at least weekly, or pack up and move! First, I have to convince Jeff that Santa Fe is the most magical place ever. I don't think it will take too much to convince him. I just have to get him there for a visit and then he will be sold to the idea!

I have posted my first Halloween item on my Etsy site. It is a little trick or treat tote bag. If this one sells, I have enough fabric to make a few more. I may make a different style of trick or treat bag and post that one too, we will see.

Well, now I am off to peruse the Martha Stewart website for Halloween decorating ideas. You can head over there everyday for the Halloween decorating idea of the day. I have started decorating a bit but there is also a bit more to do. I think I am due for a trip to Garden Ridge! Oh, also I have been practicing my spinning. I think I am almost ready to add a skein to my Etsy site. So stay tuned!


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