Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Monday

I added a Halloween necklace to Etsy today. I like this one and may have to shrink it up for myself!

Also, I got a little Halloween treat from my sister and niece. My surprise was a Halloween tea towel, candy, and a pretty little orange votive. Might I say those eyeballs are rather tasty!

My sister and I also started working on knitting our first pair of socks last night and of course watched Desperate Housewives! Yes, I subjected her secluded, non-cable, mountain self to it. So far, it has been easy, but we have not made it to the hard part yet. When I get there, I will check back and let you know, because I may be dancing to a different tune by then ;-). The knit socks book is a really good book by the way. My sister gave it to me!

They are leaving tomorrow so the house will have one less sister and one less niece. I will be sad because it has been so much fun having them here! Hopefully they will come back soon!


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