Monday, December 21, 2009

I Will Huff And I Will Puff And I will Blow Your Gingerbread House Down!

Someone, please huff and puff and blow my lowly little gingerbread house down. I tried, oh I tried. But, for some reason the stars were not aligned and this poor little pathetic excuse of a ginger bread house...oh...I tried.

To begin my festive evening of gingerbread house making, I had a glass of wine and watched Julie and Julia, a Christmas gift from my future Mother and Brother-In-Law. The movie was really cute and made me terribly hungry. Good thing I had plenty of gum drops and sweet tarts to decorate the gingerbread house with!

It took a few tries to get the darn frosting down. Then when I got that down, it dried so fast I could not get the gum drops and sweet tarts on quick enough. But, I did complete a goal I have been after for years. I made a gingerbread house! Maybe next year my gingerbread house making skills will improve. Or, maybe I should just stick to making gingerbread men, seems like that would be a tad bit easier. I did however, have a ton of fun making it!

Oh, and my roving arrived! Oh, how I love to open a package of roving and take a big whiff, it smells so gooooooooooood! The colors are fantastic. I received a postcard from Martie herself, she has a bit more of this roving and will post it on her Etsy site soon!


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