Monday, May 17, 2010

Oh Happy Day!

After many many many years of hard work, my soon to be "husband" finally graduated! He is now degreed! Congratulations Jeff! You deserve it! We had a graduation party for him on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. Friends and family gathered to celebrate all his hard work. I am very proud of him and I know that he is very proud of himself.

After the party some dear friends of ours came back over to our house to hang out in order to continue our celebration. Jeff's little brother was staying with us this weekend too, so we all hung out for a few more hours. He is a good little house guest.

So, have you ever heard of anyone flushing keys down a toilet? Well, if not...neither have I, until recently. I have actually dropped my phone in the toilet 2 times and some co-workers of mine have dropped their pagers in the toilet at work. Maybe this is more common than one might thing? Now, for me, this raises the question, what is the strangest thing that has ever been flushed down your toilet?

Anyhoo, our very very dear friend who partied with us on Saturday night, accidentally flushed her hubbies keys down our toilet. She was well, pulling up her pants as she hit the flush. In the process of the flush, rather tragically, out came her keys from her back pocket and down they went. I guess I have a really powerful toilet.

We were all actually sitting in the living room sharing a rather hilarious story about her when she shrieked. We thought that maybe she heard us telling this embarrassing story but, when she threw open the bathroom door and said that she flushed the keys, we all soon realized that she was oblivious to this story we were telling. She felt absolutely terrible but, I mean, most things flush out to the sewer anyway so the toilet would be we all thought. On her husband's key chain was a rather special Disney World key chain she got for him during their first wedding anniversary vacation. So the chain has a lot of sentimental value to the both of them. They have been married for 5 years and together for 11!

Then, since they only had one set of keys with him, came the brainstorming on how to get them home and in their house! But, we figured all that out.

So, continue this graduation weekend saga, Jeff's little bro became terribly sick early Sunday morning. I guess he had some bad fast food on the way up here (they are from Kirbyville) because right before we went to bed on Saturday he mentioned having a stomach ache. Then, right about 6am on Sunday morning, I woke up to a "splat" in the hallway. He was really really sick! After about the 4th time he vomited, I called his mother and she came by to take him to CareNow. They are fantastic! They have a web check in so, when she got to the house we helped her check him in. Then, when they were ready to see him, they called her on her cell phone. They ran some tests and found that he had food poisoning. They gave him a pretty stiff shot of phenergan. This shot literally knocked him out for 16 SOLID hours and it is a good dang thing because late Sunday afternoon the toilet turmoil began! Jeff finally had to wake him up at 8am this morning to make sure he would be able to make it to the graduation! He did and he was a trooper!

Back to the toilet turmoil. It started to back up Sunday afternoon. So we called our friendly local plumber and left a message and requested a return call this morning. They called at 7:40 this morning, now that is service! They were out about 10:45, flushed out our mainline, and now we are back in business!

We all met up at my place this afternoon to go over to the graduation together. I am so proud. It was a lovely graduation and I am so happy for him!

After graduation, we went to Buttons for dinner. The food was amazing. I tried to get some good shots of the yummy food but did not do so well. I had the pot roast, delicious! I really was a lot better that this picture gives it credit for.

After dinner our dear friends, (yes the one that flushed her keys down the toilet and her husband) Jeff, and I continued our celebration. We all had a great time and Jeff was able to relish in his glory. Tomorrow I will be off of work to re-coup. I can't wait!

Happy Graduation Jeff, You Did It!!!


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