Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Wednesday Toilet Turmoil Update

Well, wouldn't you know the darn thing worked just fine when the plumber came out this morning! He said that it is probably toilet paper getting hung up on the keys and when the toilet starts to act up just give the toilet paper time to break down and flush again. Hopefully, the keys will find their way out to the sewer soon. He said that if it gets worse then he would need to come out and put a "clean catch" on the pipe but this would require digging a big freaking hole in the front yard. So, we wait.

Well, we did not have to wait too long. I came home from work, did a bit of laundry, and heard a "glug glug glug". I ran to the bathroom and saw water backing up into the toilet, with a touch of coffee grinds, corn, and onions (probably from last nights meal). I ran to the washer and turned it off just in time before it over flowed. Hm...I think we are about to get to know our local friendly plumber really really well. :-)

And the saga continues, stay tuned!!

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